Apophyllite Cluster

Apophyllite Cluster

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Apophyllite is a gorgeous, white, translucent crystal with a stunning prismatic surface. And as any crystal this beautiful, it has interesting literal and spiritual meanings. So what are they?

Apophyllite’s literal meaning comes from the Greek words apo, meaning “off” and phyllon, meaning “leaf.” It roughly means “to leaf apart.”

This refers to the crystal’s tendency to become flaky and crumble when raised to high temperatures due to dehydration.

Apophyllite’s spiritual meanings:

  • Embodyment of the power of the self-less helper
  • Representation of the power of the Soul Star
  • Union of feminine and masculine energies

Let us explore Apophyllite’s spiritual meanings more in-depth, though.

Apophyllite embodies the power of the self-less helper and can be used to promote acts of kindness and charity.

This crystal is commonly referred to as a helper crystal and is used together with different types of crystals in healing ceremonies.

Its translucent quality represents the pure, transparent nature which the most generous volunteers and helpers in the world possess, allowing all energies to pass directly through them without getting stuck or blocked in the process.

As its heat increases, Apophyllite begins to shed its outer layers, representing sacrifice and real acts of devotion.

Though it is always important to care for yourself, if you find yourself having difficulties giving yourself to others fully or committing to your friends and partners’ goals, Apophyllite can help open you up and provide you with more fluidity.