Bloodstone Tumble Stone

Bloodstone Tumble Stone

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Bloodstone is a crystal rich with various meanings. From the color of the setting sun to the blood of holy martyrs throughout history.

No matter who you ask, Bloodstone has been considered magically endowed around the world, particularly with the capability to transform the physical appearance of its user.

To the Greeks, Bloodstone had a different name: Heliotrope, which translates to “the turning of the sun.”

The reason for the name Heliotrope came from the belief that when placed in water, or even the rays of the setting sun, this crystal would “turn the sun” into a blood-red sphere.

It was this ability of Bloodstone to alter the sun’s reflection from a standard golden hue to blood-red that gave this stone particular importance to the ancients. Particularly magicians and great thinkers.

As wise people began exploring the properties of this stone, they realized that it could significantly impact patients’ blood, whether to stop bleeding or to stop a bloody nose. 

Many used this magical stone for supernatural purposes, such as predicting the future and even turning invisible.

Amazingly, an ancient Greek document on Egyptian magic entitled ‘The Leyden Papyrus’ states this about Bloodstone: “The world has no greater thing; if anyone has this with him, he will be given whatever he asks for. It also assuages the wrath of kings and despots, and whatever the wearer says will be believed. Whoever bears this stone, which is a gem, and pronounces the name engraved upon it, will find all doors open while bonds and stone walls will be rent asunder.”

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