Cow Lace Skull Black Gloss

Cow Lace Skull Black Gloss

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Listing is for exact piece shown. One off. 
Size may vary due to being a natural skull, each is slightly different and the curvature of the skull and horns is different with each skull.

Choose a piece of artwork that is a true conversation starter such as this carved cow skull. Our hand carved cruelty free Lace Skulls will embellish any room and space. 

This Lace Skull makes a beautiful piece for your home, shop or office. Complemented with stunning glossed horns attached  

All skulls have their own natural formation with 'cracks' 'joins' of the bone and markings. These are not damage but natural bone.

Our lace skulls are all cruelty free guaranteed and come from a yearly festival where the wealthy donate their cattle to the poor in Indonesia and they utilise every part of the animal to support the family for an entire year, finishing with traditionally carving the skull as a decorative piece to honour the animal and representing new life.

This pieces comes with a small string for easy mounting on a wall or stands are available for purchase separately